Decorate this season with festive florals

Many of us have fond memories of Christmas, reuniting with our friends and family, sharing presents and delicious food,  creating loving memories that last a life time. It is one of the most wholesome times of the year, and it is always worth making it that much better.

Christmas dinner is the centrepiece of any good festive celebration, and the best centrepiece for Christmas dinner, is a festive floral arrangement. Nothing ties a table together like the warm reds, dark greens and soft whites of a Christmas floral arrangement. They not only look good, they smell great too and fill your home with the delightful scents of the season.

Festive floral’s are also a good way to distract from the scorching Australian sun, make your home a cheerful oasis during the heat of summer by decorating with inviting, natural flowers. We might not get white Christmases in Australia, but thanks to your local florist, we can have green ones.

People have been using floral arrangements to celebrate the festive season for thousands of years. Early pagans used mistletoe and holly during midwinter celebrations, and these traditions were adopted by early Christians, who’ve carried them into the present. Festive floral arrangements are one of our oldest traditions, so forgo the plastic decorations for traditional, and wonderfully natural floral arrangements.

Christmas decorations are more often than not plastic, and while they may last a very long time, they simply do not have the impact that natural festive floral’s do. A simple floral arrangement looks better, creates wonderful scents and it’s environmentally conscious. Try decorating your home with festive floral’s this Christmas and leave the plastic decorations in the cupboard.

Christmas only comes once a year, why not treat yourself and your guests to beautiful festive floral’s that will make your table, your dinner and your home even more inviting this festive season.