Shop Renovation
My husband, Thomas and I bought Ann’s Florist back in November 2013 as a fully established business (of 20 something years) in the Westland Shopping Centre, Whyalla.

We always wanted to make it ‘ours’, to put our mark on it & bring it up to trend, but in the earlier days, we were still finding our feet in the business ownership world & didn’t know if we had the time or resources to pull it off.

After 5 years, we committed to the make-over. After A LOT of hard work we were finally able to bring my vision to life. With only my hand-drawn sketches of how I wanted it to look, my clever husband constructed brand new shop fittings, a luxurious counter and decking & he made my dream come true. He did an amazing job, but it certainly wasn’t easy, and I think if I asked him to do anything like this again, he would divorce me!!

I feel so lucky to love what I do and work in my dream-shop every, single day. It is my happy place!!

We’ve had so many beautiful compliments everyday since from the amazing customers we’re blessed to have walk in.